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Happy Clients, Waggy Tails

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We took our puppy along to one of Lyndsey’s puppy training classes and she was fantastic! Whether you have owned a dog before or not, the knowledge and skills that Lyndsey has is brilliant. We have also used here on a 1-1 basis to help with loose lead walking as our puppy is so over excited by anything and it was invaluable, she makes you feel comfortable and confident in what you are doing and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Fantastic 6 weeks spent with Lyndsey- lots learnt and I now have a much better behaved pup.

We had 1 to 1s with Lyndsey as we were at the point we were not sure what we are doing wrong. Our dog had his own plans for each walk. Lyndsey gave us lots of tips which were fun for us and the dog, very helpful as well. She knows a lot and can suggest different approaches! 100% recommend.

Would really recommend Lyndsey at Pawsome Training and Behaviour. Our GR was an accidental lockdown puppy and that combined with high hormones and some negative interactions made him very fearful of other dogs, especially male dogs. After lots of training with Lyndsey, mainly training us on how to help oaks, he is now much much better. We still have some way to go but feel confident we can help him get through his problems so he can be the happy healthy dog he so deserves to be. The help Lyndsey has provided has been second to none. Today we had my mum's intact male over for the day, and this would not have been possible without her. very very thankful.

Our pup is a Romanian rescue and arrived at 5 months old so we missed the opportunity to enrol in “normal” puppy classes. It was only roughly 7 months later that I thought he would be ready for some sort of group classes but by then I found it difficult to find a class for basic obedience and behaviour tips that would suit his age and general more alert reactions. Lyndsey’s “Zero to Hero” was a great option as she was understanding of my pup’s over-excited reactions at times and provided tools to help. Despite a world of info that Lyndsey has to offer, the highlight of the class for us was to see our pup lying down in his mat in a room with 3 other dogs or just observing and taking it all in. 


We have just completed a 6 week training course with Lyndsey and our 6 month old Bruno (black lab) loved it (even though he was very vocal at all classes) we got a lot of information and we are carrying on with the training. Highly recommend Pawsome Training and Behaviour!

Would highly recommend Lyndsey and her puppy training classes!

We took Bruno at 16 weeks, he has since become much more manageable, confident and we have the tools to calm him when he gets too much, as well as some useful training to keep him safe.

We’ve since moved to private lessons to help with specific behaviour, but this is a great course to help your dogs, and the bond you have with them!


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