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Dog Walking

All dog walks are required to take part in an initial assessment or initial meeting to discuss requirements for dog walking services. 

This is £10 for an hours session and allows me to meet the dog in question and be able to determine best option for walking services. 

To book an initial assessment follow the link below; 

Solo Walking 

Solo walking is for any dog who is not suitable for being around other dogs whether because they are nervous, elderly, too young, have medical issues, in season etc. Solo walks are £15 for an hour, £12.50 for 45mins or £10 for half hour. All details must be completed in the forms above. During solo walks we may help with any training issues as well, such as pulling on lead, reactivity, nervousness etc. 

Solo walks are either in 1 hour or 30 min slots dependent on the dogs requirements. 

Current Availability for Solo Walks; 

Monday & Tuesday; 10:00-11:00

Thursday & Friday; 10:00-11:00,

Group Walking 

Group walking is for more sociable dogs or as a way to build on socialisation. Dogs are walked in up to groups of 4-5 (when in public) or 5-6 (secure field) and are 1 hour walks only.  Pick up times are 1hour before the walk start time and drop off is 1hour afterwards. In order for your dog to be able to join the group walks they must go through an initial assessment beforehand to determine if suitable and if so what groups would be suitable, which is £10 for an hour. 

We cover postcodes BS21-BS29


Pick up; 14:00 - 15:00

Walk time: 15:00-16:00

Drop off: 16:00-17:00

Group Walk Spaces; 

Monday - 1 space 

Tuesday - FULL    

Thursday - FULL

Friday - 3 Spaces

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