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Training Services

The 1-1 Training sessions are designed for specific obedience or everyday training struggles that either address puppy training or general obedience training. These sessions do not cover any behavior based training or canine reactivity training and can be booked on a session by session basis or as part of a plan. Monthly subscriptions are available if required to help spread the cost over time.

The following form must be completed before any sessions can be booked.

Puppy Training

This service of 1:1 training is for young puppies upto 18 months old to help with either new puppy owners or experienced puppy owners. These combat the basic skills puppies require such as calmness, socialisation, confidence, focus and attentiveness. These cover how to help manage life with a young puppy and what is normal puppy behaviour and what is not. We can also help you to prepare for your puppies arrival via a pre-puppy consult to ensure everything is set up correctly, what to do and not to do during the puppies first week and more. 

These 1-1 sessions cover aspects such as the following; 

  • Socialisation DOs and DON'T 

  • Helping your puppy settle into your home

  • Puppy biting, teething and chewing 

  • Toilet Training 

  • Crate/Bed Training 

  • Pre-Puppy Consult

  • What to expect in adolescence 

  • Neutering/Spaying advice 

  • Building focus and confidence 

Obedience Training

This service of 1:1 training is for improving obedience, managing minor problems or just as a way to mentally stimulate your dog. These is suitable for any age dog and suitable for those who might not be as suited to training classes or do not live close to the venue. It is recommended that a FULL vet check is carried out beforehand to rule out medical issues. They are suitable for dogs over 18 months old and over

These session cover the following as examples: 

  • Pulling on lead

  • Inappropriate barking

  • Counter surfing 

  • Poor recall or engagement

  • Inability to settle 

  • General over-excitement

  • Lack of focus

  • Building calmness 

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