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Training Classes

Training classes are in a variety of areas and are different levels based on previous experiences and training. Please check if we are in your area and there is availability before booking.  If you are interested but cannot make the set time and day please get in touch, 1:1 sessions do however cover the exact same concepts and training, please get in touch to learn more!

All classes MUST be booked in advance and you can join the classes on the first and second session of the course, from which then is a cut off point for booking. 

Foundation Course 

Foundation skills: 8 week course; £12that can be paid in full or split in two payments of £60 

An 8 week course to build foundations for puppies but are also available for new rescue dogs as well. Puppies are eligible from first vaccinations. This covers the basics all through the power of training games. It provides the 'foundation' to most common behavior struggles in dog's lives, puppies only need to have their first vaccination to join. If you are unsure then please get in touch. You receive a hard copy of our foundation training booklet as well as addition to a WhatsApp group for ongoing support and a certificate and rosette upon completion. If you are joining after the start date, providing there is spaces i allow new start ups on the 2nd and 3rd week with the price remaining the same but including a 1-1 to replace the missed classes. 

The course includes;

  • Building calmness as a default behaviour including puppy chewing/teething, nipping, mouthing, toileting etc.

  • Appropriate socialisation introductions including body language to look for when a dog is not comfortable and what can be considered inappropriate approaches. 

  • Appropriate and inappropriate play including some breed specific behaviours 

  • Loose-lead walking, recall and building general focus and engagement 

  • Building value in a boundary/safe space when training and building on impulse control and tolerance of frustration via stays, leave and drop

  • Managing arousal levels such as jumping up, disengagement, performing in arousal behaviours and managing over-arousal/excitement

  • Building confidence in our dogs and enrichment activities you can do to broaden your dogs skills and enrichment. 

You can view the criteria for foundation membership HERE

We also offer a BLENDED package which is the same price as our 1-1 Puppy Package but includes the classes and some 1-1s (Sign up for classes are done manually for these). Payment is done via a payment plan in which i manually add you to the classes once booked. Please contact in regards to which class you would like to attend or complete a SIGN UP SHEET

Plans are as follows: 
Option 1: £120

Option 2; 2 x £60 

Option 3; £200 or £50 a month (over 4 months) blended package


Course Start Dates; 

2nd September



3rd WSM Scout Hut

41 Totterdown Road 

BS23 4LJ


Course Start Dates;

4th September


Course Dates;

3rd August & 5th October




12:00 - 13:00

Winscombe Community Centre 
Sandford Road

BS25 1HP

Worle Community Centre 

Lawrence Road

BS22 6TS

Anchor 1

Bronze, Silver and Gold Courses

This is a follow up to our foundation 8 week course and involves ongoing training games, levels and structures for the dogs to work towards. 

We believe that training is an ongoing process and therefore aim to provide ongoing support and instruction through different life stages. You can also go on to achieve different levels based on individual achievements (Bronze, Silver, Gold). This is eligible once you have completed the foundation course and there is no age limit to these classes. So would be suitable for dogs who have had basic training and who want to work on more with their dog but also as a follow on from puppy classes.

Bronze; 6 week Course = £90

Silver & Gold; 4 weeks each = £40 each

We will offer more days/times as interest potentially grows. 

View the criteria for Bronze, Silver and Gold

Bronze Level


2nd September

Mondays 7.30-8.30pm 

3rd Weston Scout Hut 

41 Totterdown Road

BS23 4LJ


5th October

Saturdays 1.30-2.30pm 

Worle Community Centre 

Lawrence Road

BS22 6TS


4th September

Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm 

Winscombe Community Centre 

Sandford Road

BS25 1HP

Silver & Gold Level



Sundays 12pm - 1pm

Hutton Moor Leisure Centre Fields


Sundays 10am - 11am 

Clarence Park - Lead Only Side (Closest to beach)

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