Behaviour Services

All sessions MUST HAVE a FULL vet check beforehand to rule out any potential medical issues and are required to take part in a questionnaire as well as sign a copy of terms and conditions. These forms can be viewed below:

Vet Referral Form

Behaviour Questionnaire 

Terms and Conditions 

Behavioural Consults involve a package of the initial consultation, 2 x behavioural training sessions and two follow up sessions (one at 1 month and one at 3 months).

Behavioural Training covers more complex behaviours. You MUST to have a FULL vet check occurred beforehand and the behaviours that are covered in these sort of sessions are:

  • Generalised or Specific Noise Phobias (Gunshots/Fireworks/Cars)

  • Generalised Fear/Anxiety

  • Mounting or sexual based behaviours

  • Fearful behaviours in novel situations

  • Fear of specific items (e.g car travel)

  • Chasing behaviours 

  • Mild aggression cases

  • Resource Guarding

£60 per session or read up more of our Behaviour Package