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Reactivity Training

Reactivity Training covers a dogs reaction to stimuli it finds overwhelming. This is mostly common to dogs or people but can be for any stimuli that goes on outside. This involves behaviours such as barking, lunging, spinning, nipping, biting, chasing etc.. You MUST to have a FULL vet check occurred beforehand to rule out medical issues. A behaviour form must be completed beforehand and a full vet check must occur before sessions commence. Like with the 1:1 training everything is included in the package and is booked according to a specific process. 



The sort of behaviours that can be covered include; 

  • Dog-Dog and People Reactivity 

  • Car/Bike/Scooter chasing 

  • Reactions to outside noises 

  • Frustrated based behaviours 

  • Lead-Reactivity 

  • Over-arousal behaviours

Behaviour Services

Behaviour services are either offered online via zoom or in-person depending on the specific behaviour issue that is being addressed. All behaviour consultations begin with a requirement of a behaviour form being completed and sessions are then booked from there. 



Behavioural Training covers more complex behaviours. You MUST to have a FULL vet check occurred beforehand and the behaviours that are covered in these sort of sessions are:

  • Generalised or Specific Noise Phobias (Gunshots/Fireworks/Cars)

  • Generalised Fear/Anxiety

  • Mounting or sexual based behaviours

  • Fearful behaviours in novel situations

  • Fear of specific items (e.g car travel)

  • Chasing behaviours 

  • Mild aggression cases

  • Resource Guarding

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