Behavioural Consults

Behavioural Consults involve either general behavioural training, reactivity training sessions or multi-dog household sessions. All  sessions MUST HAVE a FULL vet check beforehand to rule out any potential medical issues and are required to take part in a questionnaire as well as sign a copy of terms and conditions. These forms can be viewed below:

Vet Referral Form

Behaviour Questionnaire 

Terms and Conditions 

Reactivity Training

£50 per session 

Training package also available

Reactivity Training covers specific training in regards to dogs who: 

  • Struggle with Chase (cars, bikes, motorcycles) 

  • Struggle with barking and lunging at other dogs/people

  • Struggling with over-excitement or over-arousal 

  • Struggling with focus and settling themselves down as well as being able to manage their own arousal/excitement levels.  

In these 1:1 training sessions we will cover ways to improve your dogs focus, increase their confidence and optimism and ways to be able to think and act in arousal situations so there is less of a reaction!

Behavioural Consultations

£50 per session 

Behavioural package also available

Behavioural Training covers more complex behaviours. You MUST to have a FULL vet check occurred beforehand and the behaviours that are covered in these sort of sessions are:

  • Generalised or Specific Noise Phobias (Gunshots/Fireworks/Cars

  • Generalised Fear/Anxiety

  • Fear of specifically people or other animals (including other dogs)

  • Mounting or sexual based behaviours

  • Fearful behaviours in novel situation

  • Fear of specific items (e.g car travel)

  • Mild aggression cases

  • Resource Guarding

  • Cognitive Dysfunction/ Cognitive Decline (for older dogs)

Multi-Dog Household 

£70 per session 

Training package also available

This training covers anything that involves more than one dog from a household.

It covers;

  • Over-arousal within household

  • Fighting and guarding between dogs in one household

  • Training for more than one dog in a household for different struggles